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Let's showcase our community when we're looking our best. 

A few times a year Immense Imagery takes the initiative to create stunning pieces of media that are community enrichment focused, highly popular, and showcase our community in it's very best light. 
We combine and create this pieces of media to include basic advertising with selected partners and ask for sponsorship based upon that exposure.  These films often reach more than 10,000 local people in a positive memorable and lasting way.

Your impact

Identities are important for everybody, especially communities. We believe positive media creates ripples in how we perceive the potential of our place and ourselves and when people see potential, they invest. Both in themselves, and the communities around them.

We offer this product to a limited number of companies, register your interest for the upcoming opportunities below,

Thank you for helping us bring this outlet to the Gorge!


As community placement opportunities go this is definitely a great option. We often reach 10,000 or more local people and, the Ad stays there forever and it won’t break the bank.

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